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Pivoting out of a Pandemic

Where we're you when the pandemic began & where are you now?

When the pandemic first began, the first thing I did was launch a Coaching business. Prior to coaching, I was simply a Consultant, helping entrepreneurs while helping myself. Everything I did to help myself, I did to help someone else. When I wrote my first book, I helped other's write theirs, to the point, my publishing portfolio looks like that of a start-up publishing company. Now that we are nearing the end of the pandemic, I could only imagine how challenging life was for those of us who are married or dating, partneredup, or engaged, with a significant other. Thankfully, my imagination became a force to be reckowned with, when my husband and I launched a new coaching business, M.E.M.E. (Married, Entrepreneurs, and Managing Empires) Coaching for Couples.

M.E.M.E. Coaching for Couples, in the midst of a global pandemic, resilience is key to pivoting. As an Entrepreneur, I am someone who has enjoyed doing work pro-bono for years. Pro-bono work is where the foundation of my entrepreneurial ventures were laid and the reason I chose not to become a Lawyer, after studying as a Paralegal in college. I knew, if I became a lawyer, I wouldn't be a very rich one because I knew I would refuse to help people who aren't honest with themselves. Fully aware of who I was, in my first year of college, I pivoted and changed my degree of concentration. Especially, after taking a career assessment test and confirming that being a Lawyer is not where  Honestly, being a Lawyer or marrying a Lawyer is what my Mother wanted for me. 

In 1997, when I decided to go to college, without the help or approval of my Mother, I initially went on the pretense that my parents must have known what was right for me. Right? Well, I would beg to differ, but I don't beg, I simply differ. Of course, I always loved learning and education has not become any less important in my adult years. Ironically, when I changed my course of study, my Mother worked at the same University I attended, where I could have very easily accessed scholarships that were available to the children of parents who worked at the University. Either way, I chose to pivot and go my own way. When I think back, I have pivoted so much in my life, I could teach ballet. Or if nothing else, I can definitely teach someone how to reach for stars, but stand tall, without stepping on anyone else's toes. 

What does pivoting your personal and professional life look like during a pandemic? We're you able to stabilize yourself mentally, financially, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually? Does your life reflect you being able to bounce back and move in new directions?Wh



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