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Don't crisis, our rise is in books!

Illiteracy is a Crisis!

It is the year 2020 and a natural disaster, the COVID-19 also known as the coronavirus, has caused a global pandemic and led to an all-inclusive atmosphere of socially distancing ourselves from others, mandated by local, state, and federal governments. In the midst of one of the most life-changing health scares that many of us have ever been forced to face and deal with, we are all trying to find was to adapt, occupy, and even entertain ourselves.

Now, when the coronavirus was first introduced to society, as a contagious illness that rapidly spreads when people who have the disease, symptoms, or are carriers, are in close contact with one another, both my husband and I have done are best to prepare for the worst. Like many of you, we purchase our home care items, as essential needs versus wants and whenever we go outdoor among others, we wear masks and gloves to help prevent our catching the disease and lessening the spread.

Many of us are accustomed to leaving our homes, if for no other reasons, we were employed in businesses and companies that required us to be in an office-setting, or we attended classes in schools and on college campuses, where being away from home for long period of time was the "norm". Now, the norm for many of us has changed and not having the freedom to go where we want to go and do what we've always been doing, is a level of sanity that can be extremely challenging to cope with, physically, financially, emotionally, and mentally. So, what do we do, when we have no choice but to stay in our home environments?

Well, in my household, my husband and I are dealing with two different dynamics, in terms of social-distancing. I am someone who has been working from home and building a virtual business for the past five years, while my husband is someone who has been working outside the home, as a Carpenter in the construction industry. As a virtual business owner, nothing changed for me, with respect to to the way I handle and operate my business, being independently contracted to work remotely, using technology has been an advantage. As a skilled tradesman, not working check to check or going to a gym facility when he wanted, was a bit of an adjustment, but thankfully, I was prepared to help him through the process and it was a helping hand, that he was already an avid player of Playstation role-playing games (RPG).

Instead of going to our local Planet Fitness gym, we workout in our home, following a strict routine developed by my husband, that helps to maintain our physical health. Thanks to the government-imposed restrictions, including the enforced curfews, we spend less, giving us more power to save and invest more of our income. As a couple who has been together for seven years and married for six years, this year, we have learned how to allow one another to openly express our issues and concerns with one another, without letting our emotions get the best of us, we know how to have healthy arguments by agreeing to disagree.

Anger is an honest emotion, especially during a global crisis, but don't go breaking up or getting a divorce people, feel free to express yourselves to one another and practice anger management. Remember, "We're all in this together!" and we all have the power to maintain and sustain our mental health, when we have to share more of our personal space. Unfortunately, getting along with one another and COVID-19 isn't our only crisis.

One of the most fundamental ways that I continue to nurture, support, and build my mental health is with books. Books have been my escape from the world, from the moment I was taught to read, at a very young age. I grew up with books being a key to broadening my outlook on life and serves as an expansion to my entrepreneurial mindset, as an independent author and an independent contractor, who offers full-service publishing solutions, including 100% royalties and a lifetime of customer service, to those who purchase my services.

As an independent bookseller, I do not use Amazon as a mean of distributing the literary works I produce for myself, and thanks to being social-distances, I am empowered to do more distance learning and my research in the book industry has led me to find out that I'm not the only one, who has chosen to strengthen the support of literacy, among independent booksellers!

Andy Hunter, the Founder and CEO of the Bookshop, an online bookstore, where those of use who choose to sell our own books, without the collective help of Jeff Bezos, the Founder, CEO, and President of, who has successfully dominated the world of bookselling, are being welcomed to do so. With the unprecedented help of Hunter, at the Bookshop, independent booksellers, like you and I, past, present, and future, can sell our books and become an affiliate, at a place that wholeheartedly brings us all together!

Thanks to Hunter, I am more encouraged to write, author, publish, buy and read more books, as a known way to manage and relieve the everyday stressors--disheartening news, scarcity of toilet paper and paper towels, that is adding to the chaos, and confusion, surrounding the COVID-19 plague. Instead of worrying about the coronavirus, let's get away from the madness and get you hands on the best paper in the world, right now.

Books are currency and in a world with a 95% literacy rate, reading is fund-a-mental, we need books! Invest in yourself, build the mind, and increase your level of intelligence, with books! Shop at the Bookshop and buy your books with us, Collins & Ziegler, Inc., "The House That Builds Wealth, in Communities Worldwide!"

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