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5 Ways to Stay a Global Genius

As the world turns, the United States is steadily approaching thirty days of being in quarantine. Many people, especially employees who are experiencing unemployment, shoppers adapting to the lack of household items and cleaning products in-stores and offline, parents and guardians struggling to adjust to children being home and assigned to homeschooling during their normal school hours, community organizations acclimating themselves to the cancelling of regularly scheduled functions and events, and businesses that have had their doors open on every day except major holidays, are anxiously anticipating the return of freely moving around society and getting out and about in public areas and arenas. We must use our common sense.

Just this past week, the governing officials of Georgia and Tennessee, decided to lift the "stay at home" mandate, giving their residents a bit of relief from the quarantine, but unfortunately the more the states open up and people return to frequenting establishments, their ideas of returning to life that feels more normal to them, is resulting in an increase in COVID-19 cases, that will ultimately lead to the death of those who are unable to survive the symptoms of the now unforgettable coronavirus. While researchers all around the world are working tirelessly to create a vaccine that prevents and cures the virus, we are all at risk of being infected by one another. Until researchers have achieved the necessary results from the development of a vaccine that produces a more viable prevention and an effective cure of COVID-19, here are five ways to stay a global genius, when being ordered to "stay home", is no longer an option:

1. BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY - If and when your state opens back up, please enter public areas at your own risk. Do you remember any point in your life when you were not employed? Maybe you were in between jobs, laid off, making a career change, a newly graduate college student, or an inmate seeking work after being freshly released from jail or prison. Either way, if you are someone who knows that working is essential to making a living and supporting yourself, your family, or your lifestyle, you know that not working to make your own income, is not as easy as some people think.

Of course being out-of-work is not easy, although I remember being in countless positions of unemployment, mainly because I lived in right to work states and I wasn't working in a position that was covered by a union. Those were the moments that increased my desire to work for myself rather than working for someone else, where there was no financial security and my choice of career was not guaranteed to be there. That is what propelled me to pursue becoming an Independent Contractor and employing myself, at the expense of the products and services I provide.

Unemployment provided me with the Opportunity to develop my entrepreneurial mindset, prepare, and equip myself with the professional and technical skills and abilities, to be a Virtual Coach, with my first virtual mentor, Eben Pagan. That is where I gave my career a fresh start, where I continue to learn to grow my online business, which empowers me to gain income, even during a recession. Computer-based businesses are the growing wave of employment, that keeps your income up and running, when social-distancing overtakes brick and mortar.

2. REMEMBER NOT TO FORGET - Using sanitizers, cleansers, regularly washing hands, wearing masks, gloves, and keeping yourself at a respectable distance from others, guarantees your health, safety, & well-being. Prior COVID-19 my husband and I had frequent discussions about him washing his hands during the day, whether we were using a restroom in a public place or in the privacy and comfort of our own home. For some odd reason, some fella's don't like to think their genitals stink or are unclean, I believe it's because their genitals are on the outside of their body, but I'm sure my husband isn't the only one male in the world who thinks or thought that way about his private parts. Thanks, but no thanks to COVID-19, my husband thought I was being a nagging wife who was suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder rather than a wife who grew up living in a home and working in a family business, where hygienic practices were a must.

My parents are where I was taught the highest standards of cleanliness. Their standards increased, when I was employed to work as a Direct Care Provider of mentally and physically disabled persons, who are mandated by the state government to live in environments that are "cleaner than the Board of Health". Like I tried to tell my husband, I have cared for the type of individuals who could be salivating uncontrollably at the mouth or masturbating at any moment, in shared living conditions. The state laws were much like the rules in my parent's house, they could come in and check at any time, with the only difference being, I could be punished by my parent's and fired by my employer. Now, as an adult, sharing my personal space with my husband and vice versa, every bottle of hand sanitizer I already had, has been used, it's always a must-have on our shopping list, and we never leave home without it. Go figure.

3. PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED - Protect, supervise, monitor, and don't stop trying to educate the children you are deemed or court-ordered to be responsible for. We all know the job that Teachers are hired to do for our children, at some of the lowest and most disrespectful salary rates known to man. It's important to remember these children that are missing out on a formal education, as the children we once were. Whether your children were already being homeschooled or the mandate to quarantine has made them safer at home, if children reside in your home, it is your duty to keep them trained, stimulate the mind, and lead by example when the topic of COVID-19 comes up.

Last week, while my husband and I were driving through our neighboring community, Atlantic City, New Jersey, we noticed a young man practicing dribbling a basketball in his driveway. Then, we saw a group of young men playing football outside with some older men. Those were beautiful sights to take in and things we hadn't seen, as former residents of the city, before COVID-19. Those are the visions that create professional athletes. Those were the images I remember seeing as a child, before children started coming up missing from communities all around the world, at alarming rates.

As the adults in the home with children, we have to ensure we are limiting the amount of kidnappings & unnecessary shootings & deaths among our youth, as much as possible. If you're an essential worker, hopefully, you are a part of a village it takes, to raise a child. Don't be so quick to send your kids outside, unless you're making sure you watch out for them.

5. STAY SMART - USE YOUR COMMON SENSE! - A sound-mind is the greatest weapon we all must employ, that will keep us healthy, wealthy, and wise, during times of economic uncertainty. In 1817, The Works of Benjamin Franklin rephrased a quote by Jean-Baptiste Leroy to say, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." With that being said, in the current state of the economy, we should all be certain that COVID-19 has ended the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and in the process, the government has extended the tax deadline from April 15 to July 15.

Needless to say, with many of the things we were certain of in question, it is important to stay level-headed. If you're life feels like it is spinning out of control or you are feeling like the government is trying to control you with rules and regulations that are being created to protect you, please don't lose your head. Your life and the lives of the people you know and love, in addition to the lives of the people you don't know, are worth staying at home and learning to live with the least. That is the most you can do for yourself, keeping in mind, things won't always be the way they are right now, but things are the way they ought to be, for now.

RULE OF THUMB: Unless you're an essential worker, an essential business, or you need to go out for items and things that are essential to maintaining the upkeep of your household, stay clean, stay healthy, stay safe, and stay at home! From our house to yours, thank you for reading this blog, your subscription and comments are essential to us, "The House That Builds Wealth, in Communities Worldwide!" Share this blog with someone you want to help build up!

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