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5 Ways to Rest The Mind And Sleep Peacefully

The Golden Road to Entrepreneurship

Do you find it challenging to get a good night's sleep? Are you tossing and turning during hours when the mind should be resting peacefully, renewing, and replenishing itself?

Well, I'm someone who does not like to lose sleep over things that are designed to disturb the peace. There is nothing more important than maintaining and sustaining a peace of mind. I can count count on one hand the amount of night's I haven't slept through the night in 365 days. How do I sleep adequately, almost every night? Here are

1. Count Sheep to Sleep - Have you ever heard anyone say they had to count sheep to go to sleep? Do you know what the whole idea of counting sheep means, when you find yourself laying wide awake in bed, knowing you need to get some sleep before the dawn of a new day, but the mind doesn't seem to be in alignment with your body? Counting sheep is simply a way of putting yourself in a state of meditation, that will ultimately relax you and allow you to rest. If you don't know what counting sheep means, this is how it works: when you're laying down, close your eyes and visualize sheep jumping over a fence. When you have a clear picture in mind, focus on slowly counting each sheep, one by one. Eventually you will feel yourself relaxing in the images of the sheep and before you know it, you will wake up the next morning wondering what number sheep you fell asleep on. When getting adequate sleep almost every night doesn't count, I take the mind off the thoughts that try to keep me up, don't add up or amount to much, and I "count sheep".

2. Hold Your Peace - I am whole thoughts, therefore, everything is not worth me giving a piece of mind, I keep me in mind, first and foremost. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first and don't ever allow someone to make you feel guilty for focusing on the things you need and want to keep yourself sane. Yes, there are many things in your life that are important, but nothing will demand your attention more than the health and well-being of your mentality, emotions, physique, spirit, and finances. When you give things too much permission to occupy your space and your mind, you will become consumed with thoughts and emotions that are not your own. Keep you in mind, being concerned is not the same as worrying. Worrying will send you to an early grave, while the worries continue to live. Now, tell the mind to relax, peace be still, rest is worth more than worry.

3. To-Do-To-Done - I subconsciously schedule my day where I am typically "up and at it" (whatever "it" is--things on my "to-do-to-done" list.), active, mobile at sunrise and making my way to sleep at sunset (no later than midnight.) The Founder of Noble Goldman, Marc Santos, has a great training video on using Google Calendar as an effective way to strategize and plan out a daily routine.

4. On One and A Wake Up - At moments when I wake up from a sound sleep, before sunrise, it's usually for a sound reason. I listen to myself. For instance, the quote in the photo of the golden man with the golden brain in his hand, came to mind while I was sleeping on the idea. I visualized it and made it manifest, into a meme and broadened my perception with this blog, a creative concept with valuable content.

5. Grown-up Naps Are Great - Remember, when you were a child, taking daily naps was great, according to the adults who felt the need for you, to give yourself a break. It didn't matter what you were doing, you could have been in school, with a babysitter, being watched by a relative or family friend, whoever was responsible for keeping an eye on you was told to lay you down in the middle of your active day. If for no other reason, to give themselves a break from being responsible for you at all times, while you were awake. When you are fully aware of the power of the mind, my reality is, power naps.

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