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5 Tips to Writing a Book You Can Bank On!

By Nikeeta M. Thomas

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Writing my first book, Zero Tolerance: Life Lesson's Learned in God's Love, Volume 1, from start to finish, was not an overnight process. While I would love to sell you on the idea of writing a book in a week or even thirty days, that is not how it happened for me. The idea of developing a book started mentally, when in the mind I captured moment's of my life where I knew I was learning things that other's should know.

In 2013, the task of creating my book cover was revealed when I grabbed a pencil and a legal pad and manifested the image that is now seen on every printed copy.

At the end of the year 2016, the business of book designing was prematurely birthed, when I sat down and began to rewind the mind, replayed everything my life was preparing to say, constructed an unedited version of my book, and made it available as a published work.

In 2019, after careful review of the grammatical context, I conducted a thorough reconstruct of my book, completed with in-depth editing by me, and that is the revised edition that I market, promote, sell, and send to readers, all around the world. Now, with two more books in the works, without the help of a publishing team, here are my 5 Tips to Writing a Book You Can Bank On!:

1. Visualize Your Book Design - Imagine every aspect of the book you want to write. Envision yourself writing it. Close your eyes and view yourself, as if you have a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset over your eyes. Picture what the front and back cover will look like. Conceptualize the contents and interior design of your book. Look at actual book covers made by other's to increase your thoughts and build on the ideas that come to mind. Think of your book title.

2. Make Note of Images and Ideas - Bring your visualizations to life, using anything that you can write, draw, scribble, and sketch with. Extract the thoughts and visions that came to mind and project them onto some form of paper, software or technological gadget for writing or drawing. We all have different ways of visually expressing ourselves. What works with me might not work with you and vice versa, but whatever works, make it work to your advantage.

3. Research and Choose Book Path - Strategize marketing and promotional services that will put your book in the hands of the right people. The way you choose to produce your book could very easily differ from the path I took. My book is currently not available on any other website, such as, Barnes &,, or the, etc., but I am always considering the options that are available to writers. There are many ways to outsource your book, depending on your budget and publishing needs.  

4. Structure Interior Design and Content - Create your chapter titles and any subchapter titles. If you haven't come up with a title for your book, it may be easier to do it when you have established the titles of your chapters. Arrange your chapters in a strategic way that flows with the content of your book. Depending on the genre of book you are writing, your book should have some, most, if not, all of the following: a Title Page, Copyright Information, Table of Contents, Preface, Foreword, Conclusion, Dedication, Acknowledgements, Contributors, and Resources. Again, look at the inside of other books, as models, to help you build your book.

5. Embrace Tedious Moments - Literary works are laborious, time-consuming, will alter your life, and can even frustrate you. The process of writing a book for publishing and public consumption is life-changing. Publishing companies charge hundreds to thousands of dollars because they are fully aware of the work that goes into a book. I wouldn't have known what Publisher's know, if I hadn't given myself the opportunity to do what they do. Being an Independent Author is what made me a Book Designer, and that's how I make my books!

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