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4 Ways to Avoid Social Networks While Networking

Are you obsessed with a life online that isn't your own?

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Does the idea of social distancing from one another when you're in public places, to protect your physical health and safety, during the spread of a global pandemic, such as the coronavirus, bother you? Does the suggestion of practicing social distancing for your mental health and safety, in a globally public domain, where computer viruses are rampant, bother you? My hope is that you gave an emphatic and an empathetic "NO!" to these questions! Now, if you answered with an enthusiastic "Yes!", to one or both of these questions, let me just say, I am not a medical professional and I am not an electronics technician, but I am someone who believes in maintaining and sustaining life. You should be more bothered by the thought of anything having the capabilities to harm you in any kind of way, rather than a need to distance yourself from the harm. What you "NO!" won't hurt you, when what you know could save you.

Do you know how much more significant your personal life is, with respect to socially distancing yourself to enhance your well-being, whether you're in a public place or on a public domain? If you're someone who uses social networks to do more than socialize, you might be someone like myself, using social networks as an online path to leverage, while achieving my entrepreneurial goals and building my professional career. Taking breaks from social networking when you're an entrepreneur, is easier said, when done. Do you know how you can avoid social networking while networking to market, promote, and connect with your target audience? Here are four beneficial ways to help you distance yourself and stay online:

1. Limit Notifications - You are as limitless as the amount of notifications you are capable of receiving, but limiting yourself to. That is to say, don't allow yourself to become restricted to responding to notifications, that can limit your productivity and creativity. In the moment that I am writing this blog, I have multiple notifications coming through my phone, from people people I have pertinent reasons to communicate and associate with online, but I can only imagine those of you who have thousands of notifications, causing your mobile devices to ring off the hook. Notifications can create more noise than needed in your offline world. As a dedicated user of Android devices, I can't even imagine how invasive FaceTime can be.

One of the most notable entrepreneurs that I listen to and learn from, Daymond John, notably known for being the Founder of FUBU and his appearances on Shark Tank always advices other entrepreneurs not to get caught up in notifications, especially when it comes to responding to emails. To be specific, Daymond says, "Don't read your emails first thing in the morning.", as he references how he was getting emails from the producer of Shark Tank to be on the show and he didn't know about the opportunity, until he got a call. What that tells me is, the right people will find you when you are doing the right things. Focus on the things that are helping to build your life up, create your own buzz, and don't worry yourself with those who are only making noise. Daymond also says, "Don't check your social networks first thing in the morning." Duly noted, I only check my genuine notifications and answer legitimate phone calls.

2. Change Locations - Only use social networks when you are on your laptop or desktop computer. When I really want to give myself some solace and enjoy my life offline, one of the ways I maintain my personal space as my pièce de résistance, is by deleting all social networking apps from my mobile devices. Removing apps gives me the opportunity to give attention to everything that isn't on my phone, like my relationship with God, myself, my daughter's, my husband, my pets, close friends, and any immediate family member's that I haven't talked to for a while, being the most important people who have the right to occupy my personal space. Not everyone whom I mentioned in the preceding sentence dwells within my home, but the ones who do are my top priority, as it should be in your home.

It's important to remember, even physical offices and businesses, located in buildings, close their doors outside of "normal business hours". Even if and when these offices and businesses have websites that continue to generate sales, no one has to constantly be on a website when things are automated. While I'm typing this blog, I have seventeen tabs open, including this one, but my cell phone is turned off and I only open up a tab to social network when I feel the need to follow-up with prospect's and team member's. Yes, my contact's are principal, but self-discipline is a virtue. As one of my business associates, I am not more important than your household and with my husband as the partnering head of the entities we manage, we make a point to have one-on-one meetings with one another, daily.

3. Choose to Use a Social Tracking App - Yes, I have even tried monitoring myself, to curb any desire to social network for twenty-four hours a day! Knowing there's only twenty-four hours in a day, there's only so much marketing, promoting, and chatting we can do, before we're feeling drained, burned out, and unable to avoid restlessness! Do you ever have the feeling that you're missing out on something happening online? If you feel that way about social networks, you're probably someone who feels or felt that way about television, and every other aspect of your life. Things happen instantaneously on the internet, but it's okay to slow your roll on the scroll. In addition to tracking your online usage, there are also plenty of apps you can use to create posts, schedule them ahead of time, then all you have to do is follow-up and reply accordingly.

Take it from personal and professional experience, in the words of the late 1980's, early 1990's campaign to battle the "War on Drugs", "Just Say No!" Yes, social networking can become just as much of an addiction as using illegal drugs, it will keep calling you and calling you, as Chris Tucker says, in the movie, "New Jack City". There's not much difference between being addicted to drugs versus being addicted to scrolling and trolling online, you can end up in a drug rehab or jail, the same way you can find yourself in a social networking rehab group or on social networking punishment, such as "Facebook Jail", compliments of centibillionaire Mark Zuckerberg! With any uncontrollable behavior, the first step is admitting you have a problem and if you can't find reasons or ways to curve your addiction to social networking, I recommend using a social tracking app, to help you monitor your online usage, view, recognize, acknowledge, analyze, and counsel yourself into a life that doesn't depend online.

4. UNPLUG - Many of us were born during the years when phones had no mobility and the only way we could talk to someone, was when there was a phone connected to a plug in a wall. No, that plug was not connected to a phone charger, it was what we called a "landline". With a landline, there was no way of knowing who tried to call you, until you returned home, unless you saw them before you arrived home. Other than that, when I was growing up, you either had to have an answering machine to retrieve messages left by a caller, or Caller ID revealing the name and number of the person who called while you were away. I remind my husband of these telephone facts, with respect to the age of my forty-five years of life, whenever he asks, why I don't answer my phone whenever he hears it ringing. Just because we live in a technologically advanced age, with phones attached to us, I pledge with AT&T, "It can wait!"

Unplugging, speaks for itself, and silence speaks volumes in a world full of millions of thoughts that are created in the forms of posts and statuses. Someone is always thinking something about something, and thinking is great. We need more people who think productively and proactively, to build up societies and cultures all around the world. Mindfulness is imperative and meaningful, when thinking is critical. Unplugging is the healthiest way to rest the mind and focus on things that build the mind up, such as reading, writing, studying, and simply meditating, to help keep the mind stimulated. Click on the image of the light bulb to learn more about the National Day of Unplugging that occurs every year during the month of March.

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