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10 Benefits of a Facebook Group Challenge

On June 1, 2020 at 1:00 p.m., I entered the "Zero Tolerance Zone" and welcomed myself into the world as a Business Coach and a Life Coach. As a progressive entrepreneur, ready, willing, and able to expand my territory, I made my way into a predesigned pathway, engineered by the most actively used social networking platform in the world. With my coaching cap on, I knew I was setting my feet in unknown territory, but thanks to the evolution of Facebook Groups, a place for those of us who want a newfound way to bridge our communicative gaps, I was up for my challenge. From June 1, 2020 to June 7, 2020, I implemented a 7-day self-love challenge, focus on specific aspects of personal and professional development, with a holistic goal of building wealth. My challenge was a challenge in itself, as I dared to endure the process of something that is becoming a collective phenomenon, in the world of communications. While this was my first attempt at hosting a challenge, I can only appreciate the intimate setting provided to those in my private Facebook Group, Zero Tolerance: Secrets to Managing Your Life, I am definitely in my zone, where coaching is my business and business is my life! In retrospect of what I gathered in 7 days, here are my 10 Benefits of a Facebook Group Challenge:

1. Enriches our purpose and reason for being.

2. Structured environments create self-discipline.

3. Raises respect for self and others.

4. Develops personal and professional skills.

5. Connects community interests to involvement.

6. Enhances positive social networking habits.

7. Manufactures thoughts, ideas, and visions.

8. Builds up self-motivation and momentum.

9. Reduces competition and increases collaborations.

10. Breeding ground for generating and gaining more income.

"Self-Love is the greatest challenge you will ever have to face." ~ Nikeeta M. Thomas, Virtual Coach

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